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Sowrabh Shetty

Business Developer at Bambooder, Netherlands

Sowrabh Shetty, Bambooder's business developer, seamlessly integrates his aerospace engineering background with a passionate dedication to sustainability and expertise in composite manufacturing. With an MSc. from TU Delft, his commitment to eco-friendly practices shines through, particularly in crafting natural fibre composites with bio-based resins. He aims to foster partnerships with companies, guiding them towards sustainable practices and demonstrating the economic and environmental benefits of adopting sustainable approaches. Bambooder has developed patented technology to mechanically extract bamboo fibres for high-performance composite applications. Their main products, including technical yarns suitable for continuous fibre 3D printing, UD tapes, or textiles, are made from long bamboo fibres (12-50cm). Additionally, they utilize all side streams to produce short fibres suitable for non-woven mats, injection moulding compounds, or 3D printing filaments. Bambooder’s versatile products can compete with steel, aluminium, carbon, glass, and other natural fibres, depending on the required properties.