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Susanne Lucas

Founder and Executive Director, World Bamboo Organization, USA

Susanne Lucas is Founder and Executive Director of the World Bamboo Organization. Her professional background is in horticulture, as she works in the field of landscape design and garden development. Through seeing bamboo as a beautiful plant, her knowledge expanded to appreciating the myriad of global applications of bamboo as a vital natural resource, providing solutions as an environmental remedy for degraded land, an economic opportunity for communities in need, a sustainable building material, a biofuel, a fiber, climate change mitigator and so much more. She holds a BS in Horticulture from Colorado State University, served as a director for the American Bamboo Society for many years, is past president of the American Bamboo Society, and served on the board of the International Plant Propagators Society Eastern Region. She has published many articles about ornamental bamboo, and in 2013, Reaktion Press UK published her book, Bamboos. She lives in southeastern Massachusetts, USA.