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Technical Class:

Structural engineering with bamboo


This day long course is aimed at civil and structural engineers who want to learn more about designing structurally with bamboo in the round.

The course will provide an introduction to bamboo, and cover basic structural design, fire design, design for earthquakes and winds, modelling and analysis, element and connection design, and durability.

19th June, 2024
09:00-10:00    Sebastian Kaminski & Luis Felipe López
– Introductions
– What do you know about bamboo construction?
– Introduction to bamboo, how it grows, sustainability, codes,
mechanical properties
10:00-10:30    Sebastian Kaminski
– Behaviour in fire, earthquakes, winds
– Modelling and analysis
10:30-10:45     Coffee break
10:45-11.45    Sebastian Kaminski
– Durability and preservatives
– Durability exercise
11:45-12.30    Luis Felipe López
– Element design
12.30-13:30     Lunch
13:30-13:45    Luis Felipe López
– Element design exercise
13:45-14:45    Sebastian Kaminski
– Connections
– Connections exercise
14:45-15:00     Coffee break
15:00-16:00    Luis Felipe López
– Shear walls
– Shear walls exercise
16:00-17:00    Sebastian Kaminski
– Procurement, harvesting, seasoning, storage, selection,
and disposal
– Bamboo reinforced concrete
– Engineered bamboo products
– Case studies
– Q&A